4‭" (‬15cm‭) ‬Flower‮ ‬of life‭ - ‬Colorful‮ ‬Wall Pendant

Sacred Geometry Art‭, ‬wall decorations


‭//‬Nice to Know‭//‬

Flower of Life the main shape of‮ ‬Sacred Geometric


‭'‬Flower of Life‭' ‬is hexagonal pattern made up of 19‭ ‬complete circles and 36‭ ‬partial circular arcs‭, ‬enclosed by a large circle‭.‬


Sacred Geometric shapes are archetypal symbols thousands of years old‭, ‬shapes are found in all cultures across continents and times


Sacred Geometry are the blueprint of the universe‭, ‬containning the basic for the design of every atom‭, ‬molecular structure‭, ‬life‭ ‬forms‭, ‬and everything in exisitence‭.‬


Sacred Geometry reflects nature‭, ‬creation and harmony‭ - ‬which we all need to aspire to‭!‬

4" (10cm) Flower of Life Wall Pendant

SKU: E1C-10
20.00 ₪Price
  • Flower of Life‮ ‬

    Sacred Geometry Art‭, ‬wall decorations‭, ‬hanging for home/office/clinic/studio

    Made of MDF printed with‮ ‬unique sublimation technique that bring the colors to life‭....‬

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