6" (15x15cm) Flower Of Life - Sacred Geometry Art, wall decorations
White Sparkle Snow

//Nice to Know//

The Flower of Life is the form from which everything was created‭, ‬the form found in all cultures‭, ‬across continents and times and in all of them‭, ‬surprisingly‭, ‬it was called the same name‭ - ‬the Flower of Life .
The Flower of Life contains within it the cornerstones of life‭.‬

It is fascinated to discover that we‭ - ‬humans are connected between us‭, ‬we and the animals and the flora and everything in the universe are linked‭, ‬all of us are made of the same mold, the floor plan of creation‭.‬ The floor plan‭ - ‬the Flower of Life - ‬is found in everything and it is possible to enjoy its beauty‭.‬

Ø6" (15cm) Flower Of Life 1 - White Snow

SKU: D1-15
60.00 ₪Price
  • Sacred Geometry Art, wall decorations, hanging for home/office/clinic/studio, wooden wall art décor, wood sculpture
    Made of Poplar tree Plywood with special paint, "White Sparkle Snow"

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